I took up pottery in 2010, when I retired from a busy professional life. After some adult education classes, I bought my own equipment and went solo, thus beginning the voyage of exploration that so many potters before me have taken. It continues to fascinate.

I  mostly make thrown kitchen and table ware, and some decorative pieces. Each piece is uniquely decorated, some with oxide and stain coloured glazes of depth and/or brilliance, others with the maiolica method, of coloured brushwork into white glaze.
I have been a member of  South Wales Potters since 2012.
I sell my work at craft fairs and similar, with selected items also available on-line from The UK Loose Leaf Tea Company. Some of my pottery may also be found at the UKLLT Co's Tea Emporium, 13, Ship Street, Brecon LD3 9AD UK, and in The Great English Outdoors, 19, Castle Street, Hay on Wye HR3 5DF. 

I will be at Brecon Craft Fair, 3rd Saturday monthly March to December (2019: 16/3, 20/4, 18/5, 16/6, 20/7, 17/8, 21/9, 19/10, 16/11, ?7/12), in Hay-on-Wye Buttermarket (2019: 29/5 (Wed of Hay Festival Week), 22/6, 27/7, 28/9, 26/10, 23/11(All Saturdays); and in St Edmund's Church Crickhowell for the Crickhowell Open Studio Weekend, (2nd May BH 25-27/5, 1000-1630); - some of my work is currently exhibited in the Oriel CRiC Gallery Crickhowell
- or meet me my studio in Abergavenny, by appointment (I may be out!), email chrisheneghan48@aol.com, or call/text  07917078561.
ChrisHeneghan Chris Heneghan Potter Pottery Ceramics CeramicistChrisHeneghan Chris Heneghan Potter Pottery Ceramics Ceramici
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